The Tolibas Family 

Missionaries to the Philippine Islands  

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Laymen's Saturday Class Bible Institute

Training the Nationals

NTBC Laymen's Bible Saturday Class Institute is dedicated to the principle that the local church is God’s organization for the equipping of the preacher and the layman alike for the work of the ministry. we are preparing to offer Biblical Teachings for the men of our church preparing for the pastoral ministry, church-planting ministry, or missionary work; or for the lady who desires to prepare herself for appropriate ministry,

Our Purpose is providing laymen a solid foundation in Bible training.Sunday School teachers, ushers, parents, and many others can took advantage of this unique opportunity to learn the Bible.

The Bible training opportunity offered here is a smaller Saturday Class Bible Institute where the student is developed to the utmost of his spiritual abilities. Some of the advantages of this Bible training are affordability, opportunity, accountability, and practicality. The Saturday Class Bible Institute’s purpose is to help the Men and Women of the Church that needed not to go a big bible college because of unavailabilty but she/he can still grow in spiritual character and knowledge in the Word of God, while preparing for Christian service.

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